The stereotype of the engineer as a senior technologist is true is often not. A lot of engineers in accordance with, during, or after completing their studies in a business course. Some of them end up as vendor in your life. “The commercial engineer is, in any case, is on the rise.”

Next weekend is the plant association of engineers ie-net, for her traditionally Young Potential Weekend. A selection of freshly graduated engineers, to draw two days on it. Curiously, it is not a technical update. The issue focuses on the so-called soft skills.

On the program as well as a business game, presentation on ‘the customer experience’ and another on ‘how to be convincing, to happen’. On the second day, it is about presentation skills: how to convey technical subject matter to non-technical audiences.

this is not the first time that it is just these topics. Over the years, the pure project management training courses have been scheduled. “The engineers are giving themselves and their technical skills are not necessarily more important than the so-called soft skills. Especially not when they have to work as an engineer in a leadership position,” said Nancy Vercammen of the ip network.

the so-Called soft skills, and customer-focused thinking is, therefore, to set up. If it’s not for every engineer with the same degree of value. It is a prototype of a commercial implementation of the function of the engineer is of the so-called sales engineer, and whose function is to really have a commercial interpretation.

However, according to Hans Bergmans, who is a trainer with the necessary experience in the provision of commercial training courses for the engineers, not the engineers, suddenly, all the sellers have to be trained to do so. “It’s going to be such a qualification to complement their professional skills,” says Bergmans, who are also, clearly, abandoning the traditional sales training. “What is this, target on the chest, bounces, and is for the use of the traditional verkooptricks and tricks you can try. That is, they prefer not to,” he acknowledges. Engineers owe their very existence to the knowledge of, and experience with, and confidence in their skills. They have a definite need for a method that is consistent with their most important success factor: how to gain confidence in their technological innovations, solutions and services.”