Bridgerton-Themed Ball Brings Regency Royalty to Detroit

If you enjoy period dramas or simply appreciate some romance, chances are you have indulged in the Netflix hit series Bridgerton and are eagerly awaiting the next season. But fear not, as you now have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a night of Regency-era splendor at the upcoming “Bridgerton Ball: The Queen’s Ball” in Detroit.

Taking place on Sunday, August 25 at Castle Hall and Beacon Park from 6 p.m. to midnight, this event by Uncle & Me Event Management guarantees a night of excitement, with prizes, giveaways, and a range of activities for Bridgerton enthusiasts.

Attendees can vie for the prestigious title of “Diamond of the Season,” mirroring the show’s quest for a suitable partner. Additionally, those dressed to impress will have a shot at winning a $2,000 cash prize for the best attire.

To truly embody the Regency and Victorian era, attendees are required to dress in period-appropriate attire, with no casual wear allowed. The minimum age for participation is 16.

Tickets come with a dance card, dinner, professional photos, valet service, entertainment, music, and bar access for guests over 21. Ticket options vary from viscount or viscountess to lady or lord, duke and duchess, the royal court, and the royal family. A separate ticket is needed for a carriage ride.

Although tickets were previously sold out, a limited number of additional tickets will be released this Friday at 5 p.m.

In addition to the ball, Uncle and Me will be hosting a Bridgerton-themed Garden Tea Party in Taylor. While the tea party is already fully booked, local businesses can still participate as vendors or advertise in the Lady Whistledown newspaper.

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