In Mechelen You can be when you have a job interview to be a feeling left over from the new employer, but if the company culture is hard to grasp. Therefore, scuba diving, alternative forms of test, as the candidate for the period of one year, your future boss will be off. “If it clicks, you’ll notice it’s only when you want to get the job done.”

as It was, the Belgian ict service provider, Elmos recorded a year ago, a so-called try & hire-a subsidiary company. This allows both the candidate as well as the employer of the year, try it out prior to the permanent contract of employment. The first member of staff, using this formula this summer, after so trialperiode for one year and permanently employed. “In the meantime, there are a total of four men,” says Matthias Eraly, Business Unit Manager at ElmosExpert, to the appropriate department.

After the inquiry, appears to be the probeerdienst of the company Eraly is no exception. “But we will get there, as opposed to others, and to do it in a hidden way. Both the candidate and the client to know that it is intended to be fixed to go,” he says. According to him, there is already demand for it. “We are seeing more and more of the candidates, it is important to find one that is close to home, to work, just as good coaching, and career development opportunities. But of all the candidates today and will know if they fit in with the culture of the company. You can try to distract you during the interview process, but if it really is then you will only notice it when you’re there to get the job done.”