now, Disney showed a new trailer for Frozen 2 is in the world. What is remarkable is that the trailer is speaking of an enchanted forest, just at the time that a network is shown which looks very much like the Belgian Hallerbos.

in The Hallerbos in Flemish Brabant town of Halle, has gradually become world famous because of the beautiful bluebells, the woods is a fairy-tale atmosphere, let the spas. But how striking the resemblance is, or is Disney really inspired by the colorful forest in Halle, germany, is not known.

Links to our very own Hallerbos, to the right of the scene in Frozen 2. Got to be Disney’s inspiration from the region? Photo: associated press/Disney

In november, the second part of It from showing in cinemas. This time with sisters Anna and Elsa and will fight for the truth about the past, you know. Through flashbacks, we get, for the first time, the parents of the hoofdrolspeelsters to see it.

The Hallerbos (Photo: Reuters Frozen 2 of the forest (Photo: Disney More about this by any chance? Parents, children, naked, behind, in the woods, the homeless man will take care of them, They had them and got tired of” the Driver gets frisky and causing a collision, and his reaction is and then if you want a Singer Damien will be surprised for the 50th anniversary, and it’s not dry-It was a dream of Evil grizzly bears have a fierce “debate” in the middle of the road