Barely a month after a fire at one of the “yellow West” occupied a toll station, the police has taken in France, dozens of Suspects. Around 160 forces were in action on Tuesday in use, police said. There are 35 people had been taken into custody. They are suspected to be for fires and vandalism at the toll station at Bessan in the South of France in mid-December responsible. Several media outlets reported that it was in the case of the detainees, especially by rioters who had mixed at the time of a peaceful “yellow West”.

on Monday evening, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe had announced that the government will in future proceed harder against rioters. In addition to a law that the organizers will punish unannounced demonstrations harder. “We must preserve the freedom of demonstration in France, and to punish those that want to hurt you”, Philippe explains.

The top official, Chantal Jouanno, announced in the evening in the TV channel France 2, she would no longer lead the state, chief Emmanuel Macron announced a country-wide public debate on reforms. Previously, there had been a public debate about pay at the top of a long-standing state institution for citizen participation – the salary is according to media reports, around 14,700 euros gross per month. Jouanno is a well-known former employee of the former heads of state, Nicolas Sarkozy, who served from 2007 to 2012. The “national debate” should start in the next week and a response to the “yellow West”protests.

last weekend, there was violence at the demonstrations of the “yellow vests”. Also for the upcoming weekend demonstrations are expected. In the whole country should then be the Prime, according to nearly 80,000 security forces in the field, in Paris, around 5000.