The French banks support the concessions of the President of Emmanuel Macron to the “yellow West” and freeze the fees for private customers. The heads of the leading credit institutions of BNP Paribas, Societe Generale and Credit Agricole, as well as other money houses agreed to a Meeting with Macron in addition to covers the overdraft fees for poor clients and how the office of the President announced on Tuesday.

the private Bank had a customer up to a total of 600 million euros more money. Macron had spoken with the Bank bosses about additional ways to reduce the cost of living for the population.

On Monday evening, the President had announced in a speech to the Nation’s social policies, but also explained that its reform agenda and to hold on to. Critics see its credibility weakened. The yellow high-visibility vests-clad protesters want to appease the President, among other things, an increase in the minimum wage, tax relief for pensioners and a lower tax on Overtime. Because while France has a strong welfare state, but the grants pass now to the protests involved people.

The Eco-tax had tipped Macron as early as last week. However, the government is threatening because of the concessions against the EU to breach the debt ceiling.