At the beginning of the protest of the yellow West is the Internet. 18. October filmed a previously unknown inhabitant of Brittany with your mobile phone, against the planned Eco-tax on fuel and Emmanuel Macrons “hunt for drivers” to rebel. The video clip Jacline Mourauds was accessed six million Times.

Michaela Wiegel

Political correspondent, based in Paris.

F. A. Z.

Three days later, another took up the then unknown Frenchman from the Metropolitan area of Paris in his last cabin on the car, to call for road blockades against the Eco-tax. The driver, Eric Drouet did not leave it at one video clip, he founded Facebook groups with like-minded people from all over France to share and to organize the Protest.

the idea for The vest

at the end of may, the cosmetics saleswoman Priscilla Ludosky lives, for Drouet, in the Département of Seine-et-Marne in the East of Paris, had published a Petition against the Eco-tax on the Website . In the second half of October, it suddenly came to a rush to the Petition. Within a short time, under a Million Frenchmen signed the call.