Be careful what you put in your bins, because the rules are changing. Like many French people, you surely have doubts when getting rid of your waste, between normal trash and selective sorting. Can the plastic box be recycled? Where to put the torn pieces of cardboard? The answer to these questions is not always easy to find and even less to memorize.

Fortunately, since January 1, it has been much easier to navigate, thanks to new rules made to make your life easier. As Current Woman explains, the Ministry of Ecological Transition explained that “all French people in Metropolitan France will now be able to sort plastic packaging in the yellow bin so that it can be recycled”. There will therefore be no more questions to ask: bottle of water or even meat tray go directly to selective sorting and no longer in the black garbage bag.

Quoted by the magazine, the company Citeo explains that the measure must “allow residents to put all packaging in the sorting bin and to develop the recycling of plastic packaging that was not recycled until then”. This new measure concerns all packaging but also “soft” plastic films, such as those around water or food packs and metal packaging. Here is a non-exhaustive list of everything that can go in the yellow bin:

Another new feature is that dirty plastics or plastics containing leftover food no longer need to be cleaned before being sorted. Adopt these good habits quickly, because you can be fined if you do not respect the instructions for selective sorting. According to article R632-1 of the Penal Code, you risk a fixed fine of 35 euros, which can be increased up to 75 euros. The municipal police and the judicial police officers can sanction you.