Mounted on metal poles, these miniature roofs look almost like bird feeders. They are found at the edge of certain roads, in the middle of the fields or in the forest. These panels are in fact installed at the initiative of RTE, the manager of the French electricity transmission network.

These small red triangles indicate the presence in the basement of a high voltage line of 225,000 volts. The message affixed to the edge of the triangle indicates that it is absolutely necessary to contact RTE before undertaking underground work in the vicinity, as reported by La Dépêche.

You can also find, in similar locations, exactly the same panels but in a yellow version. In this case, they indicate the presence of a buried gas pipeline. These triangles are also equipped with a plate indicating a toll-free number to call in the event of planned work or any type of problem that may be linked to the pipes.

In France, nearly 98% of natural gas comes from abroad. The French natural gas transmission network is divided into two main sub-categories: main and regional. The main network brings together pipes of large diameters, and provides connections to the networks of neighboring countries, supplies storage spaces and the largest industrial consumers. The regional network distributes gas locally, supplying households.

Most of the RTE electricity transmission network is above ground level. A few clues will allow you to recognize with the naked eye the nature of the lines you will have under your eyes.

If the line is supported by a pylon, it is most likely a high or even very high voltage line. These pylons are generally spaced about a hundred meters apart, and their height varies. The higher they are, the higher the voltage they support. The low or medium voltage lines are supported by wooden or concrete poles, and are 10 to 14 meters high.

Another clue indicating a line operated by the RTE network: the insulators. These green pancakes pile up at the top of the pylons. If you count four or more, it is definitely an RTE line. Going back to the strange triangular roadside signs, you may also have noticed the presence of strange green circles around car lanes…

These green circles are in fact tagged on the edges of the road, on trees or on the ground, by conspirators. They are part of a collective called CNT, or the “National Transition Council”. Anti-vax, they want the abolition of the government in place and denounce the pollution of our brains by waves…

These green circles are a way for them to make their cause visible, and to affirm their presence in the eyes of all French citizens. They had, however, warned the police beforehand, who would have been relatively tolerant, while nevertheless carrying out searches of the homes of certain members present at the time of the posting.

On the side of the green circles therefore, nothing alarming to report! You can go your own way.