Year zero (M6): behind the scenes of the new series with Claire Keim


This January 3, 2023, M6 will broadcast the first episode of the Year Zero mini-series, a fantastico-romantic fiction. In the latter, Claire Keim plays the role of Anna, a psychologist in a hospital where her husband also works, a surgeon, found murdered when they have just separated. Alongside two other protagonists (actors Emilie Dequenne and Marc Riso), Claire Keim and her acolytes will go back in time. She then understands that she will be able to try to prevent the tragic fate of her husband.

Asked by Le Parisien, the actress drew a parallel with the dystopian hit series Black Mirror, broadcast on the Netflix platform. “I read the script for the sake of conscience because I didn’t want to go back to a series at all”, she had declared and added: “It’s daring, it looks a bit like the Anglo- Saxon songs that I love (…) Black Mirror gave me such a slap… I wondered why we didn’t know how to do that. I found this genre a bit in Year Zero”.

For her part, the actress Émilie Dequenne says she is delighted to have “a narrative scheme” different from what is usually done. “I like the idea that the story is held by several characters (…) I liked the way in which Juliette Kharoub will bounce back. She is an ultra-modern, ultra-volunteer girl. Her husband is part of victims of year 1. For this reason, she will try to take advantage of this weird thing that happens to them,” she said.

The last protagonist of the trio, Marc Riso seems to greatly appreciate his role, as he told our colleagues. “My role is brilliant (…) This character does not have a great confidence in him. He was at the climax of his life and everything is taken away from him. He is on the verge of suicide if he does not find that. He creates a kind of neurosis around this woman”. Discover in photos, behind the scenes of the fiction.