Year test A convincing compromise
Year test A convincing compromise

Year test – A convincing compromise”compromise”, this expression you do not like at Mercedes-Benz. Here, the on the structure of the traditional GLC-by-step electric-SUV EQC convinced with an uncompromising Transformation of the Mercedes-qualities in the world of electric mobility.Dieter Liechti2 Kommentare2Elektro SUV with the ground: The Mercedes-Benz EQC omitted on “show items” and impresses with its harmonious overall package.Photo: Dieter liechti, despite the long Overhang at the rear of the EQC acts thanks to the large wheels also in very dynamic.Photo: Dieter LiechtiDas continuous light band is different to the EQC by his conventional brother, the GLC.Photo: Dieter Liechti1 / 3

gull-wing doors like the Tesla Model X, of the spirit of the exit end of the door handles like the Jaguar I-Pace or cameras instead of mirrors like the Audi e-tron? Not to be: Such bells and whistles one looks at the Mercedes-Benz EQC in vain. Although the EQC has, since last summer, as an electric car (BEV) at the Start, it is based on the well known and proven architecture of the traditional Mercedes SUV GLC. Visually, the Stromer differs by ten inches more Overhang at the rear, the sloping tailgate with a continuous light band and the new Front with blue eyeliner.

This Swabian restraint has two reasons: on The one Mercedes wants to stay in the production of maximum flexibility in order to respond to the difcult to estimate the development of the market. On the other, the Stuttgart want to make the switch to electric mobility for your customers as gently as possible. So, better no experiments, but well-known qualities, paired with an electric drive. Or, in the self-understanding of the noble Stuttgart expressed: “The EQC vehicles is the Mercedes of electric.”

More S-class-Feeling

fits The. Who takes place in the of 4.77 meters long E-SUV looks and feels immediately well-known Mercedes-qualities. Everything fits, feels high quality. It is a bit of copper and Rose-Gold shimmers in the consoles, such as the symbolizes for design chief Gorden Wagener, the electric mobility, the materials seem a little technical, the fans are modern, and the Cockpit is dominated by a huge screen. The shows brilliant graphics, with the tips of your fingers to operate, and is home to the best voice control MBUX (see below). Who doesn’t like fiddling on the steering Wheel, the Touchpad on the center console or the large touch screen that can solve all of the verbal, and with a few words.

And if you want you can rely on, even when Driving a large part of the many assistance systems. But that actually makes little sense, because despite the weight of over 2.5 tonnes, the EQC is a driver’s car. A car that conveys a sense of driving fun. And not just at the traffic light, if the Stromer and his Punch can be almost anything, but also for trips in the mountains and, of course, on long trips. “As relaxing as a hot air balloon ride over the Mediterranean land”, described a Berner is a journalist, once a new Album of Züri West. This also fits perfectly to the EQC, of the power in favor of electric mobility with no compromise on quality and comfort. On the contrary, Because the GLC has been designed for noisy internal combustion engines, benefiting the nearly silent electric drive in addition to the measures for noise reduction. Quiet as a whisper, and clouds soft you feel you are more likely to be in the S-class than an SUV.

Everything under control: The ultra-modern Cockpit is dominated by a giant screen, for the most necessary functions, there is also buttons.Photo: Daimler

For the exhilarating Performance – 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds – have installed the Stuttgart two 150-kW induction motors, which represent a system output of 300 kW or 408 HP and a massive torque of 760 Nm. Although the EQC would easily surpass the 200-km/h limit from time to time regulates the Mercedes E-SUV at 180 km/h. While Volvo does this as of model year 2021 for all vehicles, to prevent accidents, is the Motivation of the Stuttgart-based a other – you want to prevent the range on German motorways not faster melting, as the driver can target a charging station.

wage restraint is an action radius of 430 miles. On the paper. In everyday life, and without the comfort of a climate – to a decline in the heat of summer and in the Winter, the Sound in the cut is always over 370 kilometers. And so the practice of theory comes as close as possible, there are a half-dozen driving programs, including the Eco-Navigation, predictive battery management and five recuperation levels, with which you can sail or – One-Pedal-Driving without brakes can brakes. At the Wallbox to the EQC with 7.4 kWh loads within eleven hours on the rapid charger (110 kWh) is charged to the E-Benz after 40 minutes to 80 percent.

conclusion after a year-long test: If there is a car, the Transition from combustion to electric car is especially easy, then it’s the Mercedes-Benz EQC. Self-power-novices get to grips with the Mix of Tradition and Modernity right away. And that there is in the Cockpit for the main functions such as the air conditioning buttons and switches instead of a touch screen, are likely to criticize only the Tesla Disciples. The may rejoice, while still the larger range and the temporal projection by means of E-technology. But in terms of comfort and quality of the EQC moves on to another star.

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