Again a record – YB with 21 million francs Profit in 2019 was a YB-year of: The master is presented after 2018 again a whopping success. A little Surprise there is in the case of the wage sum.Moritz Marthaler, Fabian Ruch0 KommentareEin European Highlight of the very successful 2019: YB is located in the Europa League Feyenoord Rotterdam.Picture: Anthony Anex (Keystone)

in the Middle of the Corona is at a standstill the Young Boys to be reported to the next economic success. Of years financial issues at the request of the owner family Rihs very cautious in communicating an edition of the Uefa after the end of the masters this year, according to the participants in the European Cup business figures disclose. From this it is clear that YB is still excellent on the road. 2019, the Club generated a net profit of slightly more than 21 million Swiss francs.

It is for a Swiss Club is an outstanding value, because it is also at normal times is very difficult, the structural deficit only offset. High profits are, in principle, only with two output options realistic: in the European Cup and by game sales. And since Christoph Spycher in the fall of 2016 as the head of sports for the Young Boys took over, running it is downright fantastic – after the Club in the seven seasons had run in front of it every year, high losses in the double-digit million range with a total of over 80 million Swiss francs. The Coronavirus in that time had the Football crippled, it would be for the company YB in spite of the hard-to-wealthy owners, very sensitive to become.

Now, everything is different. And on Monday, the announced Figures are in accordance with the successful figures from the year 2018, another Chapter to its Success in the yellow-and-black cheering years. 2018 with the outshines all else Champions League recorded a YB a profit of 18 million Swiss francs and a turnover of 80 million. To increase this was YB in the year 2019 with the re-winning of the champion title as well as the participation in a with the opponents Feyenoord Rotterdam, Porto and Glasgow Rangers, a very attractive group in the Europa League even at 82 million. And the sales of Kevin Mbabu (Wolfsburg) and Djibril Sow (Frankfurt) in the Bundesliga, as well as Sékou Sanogo to Saudi Arabia contributed to the massive profit.

Hardly any income through the transfer of the rights

The wage sum in the balance sheet for the entire operation reported has YB is reduced compared to the previous year: According to the 36.6 million of the personnel costs still stands at 32.7 million Swiss francs. Because the wages under Christoph Spycher extremely performance dependent, past participle of the footballer referenced again at the height of the flight, but the rewards for Reaching the Champions League in 2018 were been extremely high. Also noteworthy: transfer of rights and premiums of the League in the income statement, with only around 3.5 million Swiss francs, by far the smallest source of revenue. The income from entrance fees (21.5 million), sponsorship and advertising (8.9 million), Gastro, Events, and Merchandising (9.2 million), European Cup (15.3 million) and other revenues such as Transfers (23.5 million) were significantly higher.

YB has replaced the FC Basel finally, as Primus of the League. The FCB has since two, three years, and also the financial problems, but by 2017 every year, the clear No. 1 in the country, with major consequences on the lawn, and impressive economy figures – also thanks to Champions League participation and many lucrative foreign transfers. The officially highest operating profit of Basel in 2016, reported slightly more than 29 million Swiss francs.

YB-CEO Vanya abomination is, of course, enormously pleased to be the “great year 2019,” says also: “is There a special Timing. We look back to the economically most successful year in the 122-year-old YB club’s history. But the current crisis makes us to create extremely. The profit for the year, we will have to use large Parts to survive the Corona of a crisis.”

YB is facing difficult times

The profit of the owners had wanted to leave actually, especially as a further strengthening of the still insufficient equity in the Club. In the last few months, however, were recorded for YB hardly any revenue. Also in 2020 would not be able to be as sporty as a very interesting one. The already remarkable average attendance of nearly 27000 in this season would have been increased in the final phase of the exciting championship title battle with St. Gallen and Basel – and in the squad any amount of actors that stand in front of the jump in a top League again.

to list in the Short term, however, is likely to on the transfer market, significantly less revenue will be. For striker Jean-Pierre nsame power, for example, is unlikely to be any, the Moscow club still willing to pay about 15 million Swiss francs. And, at least in the summer, no big audience is likely to be crowds in the Stade de Suisse approved – should decide the clubs on Friday at all that you have to play the season from the third weekend in June is yet to end.

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