Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès in Thailand: what we know about this trail


Did he survive? Did he manage to escape? That’s what some still think today. More than eleven years after his disappearance, which occurred after the assassination of each member of his family, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès remains one of the most wanted men in France. He is also regularly “seen” by passers-by, residents and tourists here and there, as evidenced by the unfortunate arrest of Glasgow in 2019, which Le Parisien then echoed. A man, taken for XDDL, was arrested by local police before being finally released after being cleared by DNA tests. All witness accounts, so far, have led to dead ends.

For one of the suspect’s closest friends, Bruno de Stabenrath, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès actually fled after killing his family. He could, he believes, be hiding in Thailand. “Any fugitive who respects himself applies the theory of the three borders. I can see Xavier in Thailand: in one night, he could go to Burma, Laos or Cambodia – and from there, to Vietnam”, he had thus written in his book The Impossible Friend. A track that he is not the only one to consider plausible, according to Closer…

A tourist, who criss-crossed the country in 2018, explains that he met a man there who looked exactly like Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. He would have seen him in a restaurant in Jomtien, after seeing him get off a scooter wearing a helmet, a detail important enough to note, he maintains. And he explains his reasoning: “Who wears a helmet in Thailand if not to avoid any unexpected checks by the police?” The witness continues, indicating that the stranger removes his hat and comes to settle a little further, in the same establishment.

“I then said to myself: ‘Looks like this bastard from XDDL’. I had a visual flash, because before leaving I had seen a rebroadcast on TV on his case. There, I fell on my ass, it was him, the hair a little longer, mid-length, more muscular because I think he does bodybuilding, as there are sports clubs in all neighborhoods and residences in Thailand”, asserts. -he. It is difficult to confirm or refute such statements…