The balance of the League wrestler of the ASV Mainz 88 can be read in two Ways: In the past eight years, the Mainz seven times, reached the semi-finals, when Hinkampf on Saturday evening (19.30) in the case of the Red Devils Heilbronn, you may indicate so, as a regular guest in the round of last four. This is a remarkable power in the fickle ring of the Guild in the clubs, often high-altitude flights of four or five years of experience, and then to the drying-up of money flows in the grave.

However, Mainz have gone in their seven semi-finals six times as a loser from the Mat, only once, when winning the team title in 2013, they reached the Finals. And so coach Davyd Bichinaschwili and head of sports, Baris Baglan came before this season to Think: “We have honestly analysed, that we have given in the past years, sometimes in the regular season, maybe too much fire in and therefore in the semi-finals were not able to reset,” says Baglan. “This year we have also spared you on a leash a fighter a break or Ringer’s Weight, in order to bundle the forces for the Playoffs.”

baghlān is confident that the other led approach, the team is hungry and full of Lust in the fight. The significant quarter-final wins against Hallbergmoos were a sign to the competition. This is also why the head teacher in Mainz, which is active Baglan want to have perceived in his home town, “that we have become the talk of the town at least for now in the football winter break”.

Heilbronn with world champion Stäbler

Despite the optimism around the club the 88s go as the underdog in the semi-finals. In the regular League round of the North-West season they were subject to Heilbronn twice. Although at the time, some of the foreign Top athletes were not due to national team commitments, is likely to be the Heilbronner squad however, something in the advantage: in particular, the axis with the same three German world class wrestlers in the Greco-Roman the of Mainz. World champion Frank Stäbler in the 75-kilogram class, the former Mainz Pascal Eisele in the class up to 86 kg, and heavyweight Eduard Popp points of the guarantors and, in the face of the new League mode is particularly valuable.

According to this System, the athlete will Be done with points. The ten wrestlers of the same team may result in more than 28 points. World champion Frank Stäbler has four points, for a German wrestler’s maximum possible value, while world champion from abroad will be assessed with eight points. Eisele, Walter and Popp so, in spite of their class room for other world-class wrestlers.

The Mainz set on the basis of the new points system for the compilation of the squad to tend to be previously unknown to foreigners. The new Mainz points guarantor Ahmet Peker and Yasin Karadasli from Turkey or the Russian Timur Bizhoev “costs” only five points of the eight possible points, and bring a certain amount of leeway in the case of the occupation of the other classes. There the Rhine are in need of Hesse, of course, Surprises in one or two of the narrow key battles. A candidate for Ilir Sefaj, tearing body and soul for his team and every week of the season his weight around four to five kilograms of reduced to be able to in the category up to 61 kilograms to compete. There he will probably meet Dustin Scherf, to cope with which he was twice unnecessary low. “This Time I want to make it better. I’m hot,“ says Sefaj.