the Minister for Consumer affairs, Wouter Beke (CD&V) pops up stranded in the Thomas Cook traveller to, in any case, the extra charges are to be paid to the hotel owners. The Travel Guarantee fund to pay such sums, not to return, he said Tuesday, “in The morning” on Radio 1.

After the failure of the British moedergroep, Thomas Cook, Sunday is the Belgian branch of the tour operator is in financial difficulties. Brussels Airlines is that the flights are with Thomas Cook, Belgium’s run, it was decided Monday night, four flights to and from Tunisia to cancel it, because the agency is behind with its payments. So around 350 for the customers of Thomas Cook Belgium in Enfidha and Djerba.

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in the Meantime, to circulate stories of travelers, as the hotel will be faced with the additional expense, even if the holiday has already been paid to Thomas Cook and Neckermann < / I> (a brand of Thomas Cook (ed.) itself. Hotel owners demand up to thousands, of Belgium (Thomas Cook) clients, as they money is still not received by the tour operator.

the Minister for Consumer affairs, Wouter Beke (CD&V) is to alert the affected customers to be there, in any case, on the other. The Travel Guarantee fund will reimburse travelers who spend their holidays in the water-fall, and brings the stranded travellers, but for such additional expenses in the hotels are not subject to those rules, he said on Tuesday in the morning . “That’s a terrible situation. It takes advantage of the vulnerable situations in which the passengers are seated. I can only have one message: get out of there, not here.”

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Mark De Vriendt, managing director of the Travel Guarantee fund is recommended by the people at the hotels without extra charge. “This is totally against the law,” he said in the morning . “If necessary, they should be contacting the local authorities or with the embassy.” Stranded travellers ‘ stories, but it’s best not to return on their own initiative, about the Guarantee on their website. If they do, there is the risk that the ticket will not be reimbursed.

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