Last year, did he, the day after the Gala, the Flandrien of Oostende in the rain on your way to Solving. This year it is not. The award can be a significant burden for the cage and training of more than three hours, if there is not an option. Slowly but surely, it works Wout van Aert on his back. “I’ve still got a lot of big steps at a time. This award is an extra motivation for the coming weeks is hard to do.”

SEE ALSO is. , Wout van Aert’s right, Remco Evenepoel, with a single point, and it is a Flandrien 2019, Sofie De Vuyst is the Flandrienne.

Where is it and where did you get the price of the Flandrien of 2019 to deserve this?”

“I don’t know. This is my favorite Philippe Gilbert. He has won the Paris-Roubaix. He also has a very attractive quotes to win. I know that I am almost out of my seat fell off in surprise when I saw him win at San Sebastian.”

It was one of the most constant, a Belgian, in the spring, and it is the best Belgian in the Tour de france.

“It’s spring, it was beautiful, and the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, I was myself disappointed that I didn’t have the levels pulled from the week before. It is true that there are, perhaps, the most consistent Belgian was, however, the Tour will be the reason given. I’m amazed in retrospect how many of the people there enjoyed. Purely in terms of physical performance, put me in the time trial at the Dauphine and the CHAMPIONSHIP time trial it to the top.”

” Remco Evenepoel, and I had to stand next to you on the stage. It makes it all the more better?

“Yes.” Two of the stars. I make it every year and made a point of it for a long time to think about my vote. But I’m glad I got most of the points myself. In retrospect, it was very important to us.”

and The difference is very small. A single tip.

“yes, Yes, and then He. One of the champions of the cycling world-to-be, and now it is also a great rider. The name is Remco Evenepoel, is that in Belgium?”

is The Flandrien is also a bit of a populariteitspoll. That makes it all the more special because it’s your peers that vote?

“yes. As a rider, the treasure of your colleagues to be better value than the members of the public. In the pack you can see how well a particular rider, it is.”

Do you have the campaign be conducted?

“no, Not really. Sarah was more involved with that. It’s nice to win, but it wasn’t that I woke up the car.”

if you are Yves Lampaert is the title of Fernand Vanderplancke in the living room. Where does it go?

be “In-the-hall in the us have a cabinet with four shelves. The three of them have been taken up by three because of the Koppenbergcross. On the fourth shelf contains a basket. I think this one of mine may be able to change it.”

this Is an additional support for the next few weeks, work very hard and be back on track again.

“Sure. It was in September last year. Over the past three months, I have felt all, except for a professional athlete. I am very happy how it turned out, however, and in the future, I am very hostile to.”

In the environment of a voice that you won’t be in the Dauphine, return be really at the top of the class, but it is true that the recovery in the past weeks, a boost has been given?

“I hope so, this winter, to be able to career. I also think that it is necessary. It would make me and a lot of other people are having fun doing it.”

do you Think about the BC at the beginning of January?

“We are now in the two months prior to the CHAMPIONSHIP. There is no mention of training or conditieopbouw, let alone walk. My longest training session to date was in three hours. If I were a career, especially with the intention to get back to wedstrijdhardheid and the need to provide incentives to get it. As soon as I feel that I can make crosses, I will do that. I think I would have preferred veldritten the extra drive and just have the fifteenth word, then, is not to be crosses for me in a different way to prepare it.”

Are there stages are planned?

“On the 11th of december, I’m going to Spain for an internship with the team. It’s supposed to mean anyway, what level is to be able to pick up and the connection to the rest of the Jumbo Visma. It’s the little goals that I set, even though I am, in fact, that this is a realistic goals.”

Is the reason why you are at the reception desk, with a glass of water and held?

“I’ve had the past few months are enough to be done. I have a few weeks to go back to the good path. Do not drink alcohol, no more can be done, but I do try to limit them.”

is it True that tomorrow (today, ed.). the first Jumbo store in Belgium will have to go and open it?

“That was the intention, but it has been cancelled. Exactly what I wanted. I may have a little longer to get them to stay, and tomorrow (today, ed.). a higher-quality training to do so. It will be necessary to have this trophy in the next few months, all of the credit to do so.”

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