Worry is not that German-speaking Swiss stick to the rules


Tessin-Reisen driveway – “worry is not that German-speaking Swiss stick to the rules”On Easter, the Ticino Swiss-German begged to stay home. Now, the tourism Association goes on the Offensive. The fear of undisciplined tourists but it is large, says infections Loge Andreas Cerny.52 Kommentare52Ticino Turismo hopes that from the age of 15. June also many German tourists in Ticino streams: Locals and tourists enjoy the beautiful weather on the waterfront in Ascona, on Sunday, 17. In may 2020. Photo. Samuel Golay (Keystone via Ti-press)

stay at the beginning of April pleaded Ticino Canton and municipality, representatives of the German-speaking Swiss still at home. Federal councillor Alain Berset, appealed to the citizens, but to not have to travel to Ticino. Only a month later, the Federal office for health advises against traveling on the ramp and Pentecost into the Ticino.

“The Situation is not as dramatic as in Easter, because we have to be honest with you. People want to enjoy the beautiful weather,” said Daniel Koch at yesterday’s media conference. The holidays will not be the boomerang that should keep the people, but more strictly to the FOPH recommendations.

“tourism in Ticino coming back to life”

The Corona-crisis, the Ticino tourism industry hit particularly hard, with. The bookings have slumped by around 90 percent, in spite of short-time work compensation and loans threatens many companies. Now, the Ticino tourism Association goes on the Offensive, announcing in a release: “The Ticino is ready to receive guests.”

With the call “see you soon – the Ticino is looking forward to you,” tell you in front of all the guests from the German – speaking and Western Switzerland, writes Ticino Turismo. After the Ticino had to ask his guests is with a heavy heart, to stay at Easter at home, it’s now the Moment has come to promote active again to you. The message is clear: “Our Swiss guests should know that tourism in Ticino coming back to life,” explains marketing Director Manuela Nicoletti.

in Addition, Ticino Turismo hopes that from the age of 15. June is also a lot of German tourists to the Ticino flows. “With the opening of the border before the summer holidays, the Italian-speaking Switzerland could be thus also for German, an attractive Alternative to the usual beach holiday by the Mediterranean sea,” explains Director Angelo Trotta.

Disciplined tourists desired

The Optimism in the Canton of Ticino is due to the positive Figures at the moment big, says Andreas Cerny, Ticino, doctor of infectious diseases and a researcher at the University of Bern to 20min.ch. “After all, the Canton is dependent on tourism.” For many Ticino pictures, the you wars to see currently, from the German part of Switzerland – such as in Basel, the celebration of the quantities are unimaginable.

The Ticino had been taken by the Corona epidemic much stronger. Almost every Person knows somebody who has been infected. “People know how difficult the disease can be,” says Cerny. Many German-speaking Swiss still have the feeling that the Virus could not harm them. “The fear is, therefore, not gross, in the German-speaking Swiss in the Ticino follow the rules, want to celebrate and then the health care burden.”


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