The world economic forum is a gathering of elites from politics, business and society. If in these days, more than 3000 participants come together in the Swiss mountains, to take on the challenges of the present and the future, is a reminder, more than ever, in the room: don’t Forget the normal people! Because, as a survey shows, grass is a dangerous Trend magnetized around the world: The Trust gap between the informed and the General Public is getting more.

Sven Astheimer

responsible editor for the company.

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This finding comes from the “Edelman Trust Barometer”, a survey of approximately 33,000 persons between the ages of 25 and 64 years, from 27 countries. It was the 19th century. Changes carried out and measured with half-hour Online interview, the trust in state and social institutions. Edelman is a us based communications Agency with an international network, which is the results of the survey also uses for working with your customers.

For all countries has stabilized and the confidence index at 52 points. In Germany, the value increased by three to 44 points, which is a year-long downward finished trend. Easily the Confidence of the people in the economy, in non-governmental organizations, and the media has grown. The decline for the German policy of 3 points to 40 per cent of the respondents, the authors refer to as “worrying”. In international comparison, Germany slips from place 19 to 21.

Also the stronger drifting Apart of the social groups, the authors find it alarming. Internationally considered, the confidence in institutions-informed Public 64 points, while the General Public only comes to 50 points. The gap is 16 points, so large as seldom before.

This is a Trend that is true for around two-thirds of the countries surveyed. The greatest difference with 24 points from falls in the UK, the country that is wrestling with the decision to exit from the EU. But also Canada as a country with a traditionally egalitarian population has a gap of 20 meters. As an informed Public persons are referred to, have a high school diploma, above-average income and regularly and in a higher frequency of media messages to consume. From this group of 6000 persons were interviewed.

For Germany show a similar picture. Academics come to a value of 60, the width of the mass on 42 points. Higher than these 18 points, the distance in Germany was never. It had managed the institutions, and the informed Public to take back, says Ernst Primosch, who is responsible for the Germany business of Edelman. “The General Public remains,” he warns. “Here, the communication needs to be improved to lose the support of the majority.”