That it is pronounced differently, it has used Jim Gottfridsson for a long time. Not American “Dschimm”, but Nordic “Jim”, with a “J” on the front, one approaches the 26-year-old Sweden correctly, what relates to his name. But not even in Flensburg, everyone knows that, even though he plays there for 2013. Somehow this fits in Gottfridsson – he moved constantly under the Radar of the Public, although he age football players already had 20 years of everything in order to be a Great one. But there are other that came before him.

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In the case of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt were caustic about Thomas Mogensen and Rasmus, the blue-and-yellow Jersey of the Swedish handball player Dalibor Doder was it is usually. Follow Empire was that Gottfridsson quite often injured in the SG or in the case of Sweden, and you couldn’t shake the feeling, every bruise is a big deal. Best the Bay had landstingsförbundet the strawberry-blonde professional from Ystad inserts for “Svenska Handboll” banned, because he returned on a regular basis in a poor state of games or tournaments.

of Course, no club can Jersey its players bets in the. And just the Swedes playing for your country. The Icelander Kristján Andrésson trained Scandinavians can’t even give your game designers. In the shaky world Cup-opening win against Egypt, he kept the calm at the 10,000 party consent to all of the Swedish Fans in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen; on Sunday the 31:16 against Argentina, it was used only at the beginning, and on Monday, when the Swedes beat playing Angola, 37:19, Gottfridsson just short. In the time-outs he addressed the first words to the team, however, it is always. Then the Trainer comes.

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This Sweden be fun. The Fans in Blue and Yellow, traveling in droves over the øresund bridge to Denmark, and the silent national coach Andrésson. The Swedish Party in the district of Ørestad can go this Wednesday (20.30 clock in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the Handball world championship and in and Thursday with Games against Qatar and Hungary. Not a few will appreciate the squad even stronger than the one of Denmark or Norway. The successor generation of the legendary “Bengan Boys”, the medal hamster from the noughties years of playing? Under national coach Bengt “Bengan” Johansson of Sweden captured between 1988 and 2004, tidy medals of all colors; just at the turn of the Millennium, played the Seven with Magnus Wislander, Staffan Olsson, Magnus Andersson, Thomas Svensson, and Ljubomir Vranjes, such as from another star.

Such comparisons, the current Swedish team doesn’t like. “When I hear that we are title favorites, I am amazed and wonder where such thoughts come,” says backcourt player Kim Ekdahl du Rietz. Surprising no one, the bill seems to be simple: EM-silver a year ago in Croatia, and the return of some favorites – equal contender to the world championship crown. It would be the first since 1999. The veterans, Kim Andersson, Ekdahl du Rietz and circle runners, Andreas Nilsson, for example, after a break.

Also Gottfridsson longs for the title. The step from the eternal Talent to the players of international class he had taken in the past year. He led the championship in the Sweden as a torgefährlicher playmaker to the final of the Europe. Despite significant injury problems Andréssons, the Team prepared the Spaniards for a long problems. Although the Sweden lost in the final, 23:29, but the hand-ball enthusiasts in the North country finally had a team they could root for. Gottfridsson was later chosen by a jury of experts to the most valuable player of the tournament. Long-richer clubs had a crush on him, but in June 2018 Gottfridsson has extended his current contract with SG Flensburg up to the year 2021. As with many other Scandinavians, the feel-good factor was in addition to the proximity to the southern Swedish home to the rash. Gottfridsson also has a big part in his club leads the League with 36:0 points. Apparently, he has preserved his Form.