(Washington) Barack Obama returns to the screens in a documentary series produced by Netflix, the trailer of which was released on Thursday, in which the former president stages himself as an explorer of the American world of work.

“In this series, I talk to American workers in various industries — from hospitality to tech to home care — to understand their jobs and their hopes for the future,” the former Democratic president tweeted.

In this series titled Working: what we do all day, Mr. Obama explores the hot topics of the attractiveness of employment, the impact of the development of artificial intelligence or the search for meaning at work, in an approach inspired by the book Working by Studs Terkel (1912-2008), a major figure on the American left.

Through the episodes, the former president, who left office in 2017, once again uses his talents as a storyteller to “explore(r) ways to find meaning at work, and to create a bond through experiences and difficulties,” Netflix says on its site.

The series, broadcast by the American streaming giant, was produced by Concordia Studio and Higher Ground, a thriving production company founded by the Obama couple in 2018, which notably bought the distribution rights to the Oscar-winning documentary American Factory.

The documentary series will be broadcast from May 17 on the Netflix streaming platform.