Beveren-Waas / Kallo –

you can have A panic attack on top of an electricity pylon of a 190 feet tall. It was a Wednesday afternoon and the nightmare of a French workman, on the summit of such a giant in the Ketenislaan in the port of antwerp.

After that, there is a part loose in the mast, seemed to be the man in a state of shock and afraid, he did not go down to the lower levels. The special ED team at the Hulpverleningszone Himself was called upon to take the man down, but they had to, ultimately, do not do that. The colleagues of the worker’s had, everybody talked into him, and then he would go down, accompanied it. There it was waiting for an ambulance for the man to go with him to the hospital for a check.

now, in The conscious, once it is among the highest in the country. He takes care of, together with a wide range of other towers for the span of the Mercator Hortalijn about the case. That project is currently being finalised.