Wood check: the date not to be missed to receive this new aid


Faced with soaring energy prices and the dizzying decline in the purchasing power of the French, a new aid package has been voted by the National Assembly. It is within the framework of the implementation of these purchasing power aid measures that several types of exceptional energy vouchers have been introduced.

The first, generalized, is intended for the 40% of the most precarious households. A fuel check was also created as part of this system, as well as an energy check specifically intended for tenants of social housing. The latest is the wooden check. Indeed, fuel prices have exploded recently. Households heating themselves with their stoves or their chimneys, who certainly thought they would avoid sky-high heating bills, have seen the popularity of their strategy turn against them.

Indeed, faced with a very strong increase in demand for heating fuels, their prices have risen drastically. In addition, the supply cannot keep up: an upcoming shortage cannot be ruled out… Which causes prices to increase even more. The executive has therefore drawn up a tailor-made energy check for the French heating with wood. The aid would amount to 50 to 200 euros, depending on the profile of the household.

The date to remember for the opening of applications for this aid is December 22. As of that day, all individuals heating with wood will be able to connect to the dedicated online platform. They will then have to provide various information, which will make it possible to determine whether they are entitled to the exceptional check or not. It will also be necessary to prove that you heat yourself with wood, of course.