Patrick Bruel, whose real name is Patrick Bruel Benguigui, fell in love with a Brazilian named Patricia many years ago. Little known to the general public, the young woman and the singer of Who has the right met in Paris when they were teenagers. In his official biography entitled Confidences, the star said that it was with the pretty Brazilian that he perfected his guitar skills. In the book, he even reveals their favorite song Que sera que sera, which he played many times during his concerts in the early 90s.

It was in the program Avis de recherche broadcast in 1989 that the pretty blonde made her first appearance in front of the television cameras. For the occasion, host Patrick Sabatier decided to surprise the singer by offering him a live performance with his former girlfriend who stayed in Brazil.

“It was a great love story that went through music, Brazil. I fell completely in love with Patrick when we first met,” said Patricia before adding: “It lasted quite a while until “until we get to the bottom of it. We played the guitar a lot, sang a lot and traveled, “she concluded. Very moved by this reunion, the singer and his former girlfriend even pushed the ditty by resuming their song Que sera que sera.

After their separation, the singer will not remain single for long since he subsequently finds love in the arms of many women. From the 2000s, he met the mother of his children, a certain Amanda Sthers.

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Successful singer Patrick Bruel met novelist Amanda Sthers in 2001 in Saint-Tropez. The two lovers pass the ring on December 14, 2004 in Paris and then in the Synagogue de la Victoire. In an interview with Paris Match in 2013, the singer returned to his meeting with the young woman: “When I met Amanda in August 2001, I knew it was her. Two days later, I tell him that we will have two children…”.

A prediction that turned out to be correct since his partner gave birth to their first child Oscar on August 19, 2003 and then to Léon on September 28, 2005. At the end of 2007, after three years of marriage, the couple separated. Despite their divorce, the two stars remain on good terms: “I have a lot of tenderness for Amanda. There is admiration between us and still love, maybe just in a different form. Anyway, we never separate completely from the mother of his children”, he confided to our colleagues from Paris Match.

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Patrick Bruel fell in love with model Caroline Nielsen. This name may not be completely unknown to you since it is the former companion of TV host Arthur.

Patrick Bruel and his sweetheart meet in 2013 and for four years, the two lovers spin the perfect love. They do not hesitate to appear together in front of the paparazzi in the stands of Roland-Garros. Finally, they decide to separate in 2017. According to information from Closer magazine, it is the top model who would have put an end to their idyll. “Already mom to Aaron, 6 and a half, with host Arthur, Caroline wanted to have another child with Patrick, himself dad to Léon, 10 and a half and Oscar, 13, son of Amanda Sthers. She also dreamed of formalizing their union in front of the Mayor. Two beautiful projects that apparently were not on her companion’s agenda and created tension to the point that Caroline put an end to their story,” said Closer.

It would seem that the singer Patrick Bruel would no longer be a heart to take. As reported Here, the interpreter of Breaking the voice would be in a relationship for three years with a certain Clémence, aged 27 years.

“Since the beginning of their relationship, Patrick Bruel and Clémence had to overcome many obstacles. At the beginning, it was especially the family of the young woman who was reluctant. Not only because of the celebrity of the singer, but also of their thirty-five years apart“, can we read in our colleagues. According to a source close to the couple: “Today it’s better, the situation has calmed down”. Information that the artist has not confirmed or denied. To be continued.

In an interview granted to Paris Match on January 26, 2023, the singer Patrick Bruel had mentioned his love stories. He revealed that he was engaged to a young Brazilian girl.

“After playing poker until 6 o’clock in the morning, I told one of my friends who worked at Nouvelles Frontières to pay me in tickets”, he had declared and added: “Except that I had no won enough to finance a direct flight to New York. So I take the train to Luxembourg, from there I take a plane to Iceland where I wait for ages by -42 degrees for a connection to New York. Twenty-two hours of travel to find Patricia, my Brazilian fiancée at the time”.