Social media users debated if the logos were a message or a kid’s drawing


Those don’t seem like schematics or blueprints.


A girl looking for her cat says she recently discovered a bizarre set of drawings concealed under her kitchen cabinets. To make the scenario even more cryptic, the newspaper that the symbols were drawn on was covering up a peculiar hole in the wall.


As cats have been known to do, the kitten had concealed somewhere in the couple’s house and they had been temporarily unable to locate it.


While looking for the little creature, the couple discovered that there was a hole underneath one of their kitchen cabinets. When they looked inside the cabinet, they say that they found a bit of paper with bizarre drawings onto it.


Since originally uploading the movie, it has been seen over 9.5 million times.


Angelica has posted several followup movies, including one where she shows the piece of paper was put over a hole in the wall. This hole apparently resulted in the wall behind the restroom and the inside parts of the tub were visible.


After the couple explored behind the pit, all they found were a random bit of cardboard and a cup from 7-Eleven (that seems to be several decades old). The couple then burned the paper to get rid of it.


Several commenters on TikTok promised to have deciphered the pictures on the notice, which they say may signify that the area is cursed.


One commenter wrote,”Probably a kid’s drawing up a hole that they left.”


Another user suggested a non-supernatural explanation for the hole in the walls, explaining,”I really don’t know what the newspaper means, that’s bizarre, but it seems like a plumbing accessibility to the bathtub.”


Some users, however, felt that the couple found evidence of something supernatural. One commenter wrote,”The newspaper was meant to guard you! It was sealing away the bad omens! And now you have nothing to dismiss the evil spirits.”