Woman falls 15 feet to the bottom and it’s like a miracle to tell about it


Inside Benin, a woman of 26 years of age, fell while on a hike in Hawaii is a 15 meter walk to the bottom of the falls. She was too close to the edge, so she slipped, and down fell. As if by a miracle, survived the blast. Once at the bottom, it was Heather, her fall broken by the water, but it took more than 20 seconds before they are back above water. In the pictures you can clearly hear that they have a lot of pain. “I was very, very difficult to breathe, so I knew that there was something seriously wrong,” she says for yourself. A few random walkers, and saw all of it happen and came running out to meet her. Later, it turned out they have a lung collapse, with ten broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade too.

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