The response of the people to the return of the wolf is: wolf policy. In the whole of Western and Central Europe are already extinct, and for the past two decades in Germany, re-enhancing Predator is the people in the Parliament as well, and not as evil, as a species conservation success, is highly welcome. Wolf policy is adopted across the political groups at the European and national level, that is not the Wolf is the Problem. The Problem, he is. therefore, only by bad social conditions, through a human environment, it has failed in time to the wild revenant set, mentally and materially

Christian Geyer Hindemith

editor in the features section.

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In a reversal of policy for the disabled, a wolf policy, the white of the “intelligent wolf management” (the environmental Association BUND) committed to says: The Wolf needs less accessibility, as he is a wolf only insufficiently prepared civilization. In other words: The Wolf must be shown its limits, electricity, reinforced and undermining secure high fences, for example, within which the sheep peacefully can browse, as well as herding dogs and feeding bans, which counteract a dangerous and in the rest of the alien familiarity of the wolf with the people. Also shots in the air can help prevent worse things from happening to humans and animals.

it is Only when such protection measures will remain without effect as a rule of thumb, it may be identified the Wolf as a problem wolf and shot. It is not so, as the citizens ‘ initiative “” it suggests: “where people and grazing animals are, wolves are systematically hunted. Only a true Wilderness may be designated as a protected area.“ Apart from the fact that the idea of a human-the untouched “real” Wilderness has always been a phantasmagoria, of the legally-informed wolf policy, the cohabitation of grazing animal, human and Wolf, so just not to their mutual displacement, and Elimination. It is such an inclusive perspective, one wolf, both politically and for the acceptance of the wolf in the country is crucial.

the promise of the Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU), of which, if you in a on a weekend known “brand-letter” to your counterpart in the Ministry of the environment of the culling of wolves in the center and “a moderate stock of regulation, even for the strictly protected species” as a wolf, a political need of the hour to appear? In the escalation to this point – now, immediately all legal options to reduce the Wolf population to exploit, the species protection law are ready – there is a sensationalism for the differentiated understanding of the wolf political Situation is rather counterproductive. In case it is a mere matter of course, the presented but, in such a flagrant and as a matter of priority issued, a false, a populist Signal. As it was not a priority, according to the motto “prevention before compensation”, to improve the livestock protection instead of the wolf to deteriorate protection.

Just in this sense, it had been decided by the Bundestag in front of a half-year of the wolf the political theses of the coalition, in which the killing of the wolves (his “collection” as it is called in the jargon), must remain on exceptions in individual cases is limited. It is about behaviour of wolves, emerging from fences or your shyness in a human threat returned. This is everything other than a liquidation program for wolf-free zones: “a prerequisite is that there is no reasonable Alternative to the removal of the wolf, and the conservation status of the wolf population does not deteriorate.”

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Only get to know when this so-called state of preservation is satisfactory, so the stability of the Population cannot be considered without a risk of their further disappearance as secured (which is the case according to the EU Commission at the moment), only for this case, the parliamentarians urge a “necessary reduction” of the wolfish Population with the appropriate ongoing testing program to Brussels. The protection status of the wolf is not an absolute size, but depending on its numerical distribution. How should it be otherwise? What woman Klöckner made it the Central subject of a brand letter, had underlined the Bundestag with the balanced, high-pitched sounds, making the wolf a political coalition paper. It may surprise the Minister of agriculture, if you arrangement largely happy-go-lucky brand letter set as the ammo for the wolf political Association times? The stove cracks affected communities, the nerves are blank.