it was As the beginning of the eighties Rock with German lyrics of commercial success, switched to Wolf Maahn from the English to the native Idiom. The 1955-born choice-Cologne mattered henceforth to those singers and song writers, who were aware of the Punk-inspired Sound of the German New wave the remote and, instead, to the traditional Anglo-American Rock style. In the process, Gingrich has always said it was a special connection to American Soul and Funk, which he transforms into various aspects of his music until today.

A degree of self-consciousness is undoubtedly one to be over the decades, successfully. In the gutgefüllten Frankfurter Brotfabrik Gingrich refers to in his announcement to “Hobby-Freud,” on the Groove of the Main riff and adds that if it should not have this Groove at the time still in the German rock, he introduced him. It is not recognize in this Moment, whether Gingrich’s being ironic or serious. Regardless of the piece from the 1984 Album shows “Somewhere in Germany” is an example of its special qualities. Then, as now, Gingrich puts a lot of emphasis on rhythmic phrasing, when playing the acoustic and electric guitar, as well as as a singer. For the benefit of the musicality he vernuschelt prefer some lines to formulate instead of all the words neatly. At the time Gingrich went even with the background singers on the stage, the spread, the more intense gospel mood. In their place, a keyboardist Oliver hunter with virtual Hammond organ conjures up today, for “Hobby-Freud,” and the radio-a typical Clavinet Sound, the connection to the Soul.


More Songs from this period, such as “Seeking the dreamer” and “Rosen in Asphalt”, convert as well as on the traces of the originally African-American, White played radio rock. Other pieces have become, intentionally or not, has achieved the Status of stadium anthems. Already in the sixth title of the two-hour concert, “When the rain comes”, with sings, the audience spontaneously the simple chorus. “Rebellion” and “self-respect”, the Latter with a distinctive Rock Riff and very straight Beats, tempt a little later another Time to clap and sing. And, at the latest, “Somewhere in Germany” and “Give me back the fever” the Fans are so powerful, that Gingrich himself must no longer strive for high tones, but the vocal cords can insert the end of breaks.

most of The old and some newer pieces to be played by the Band largely true to the original, the savvy guitarist Roger Schaffrath quoted towards the end of the short Jimi Hendrix, but overall quite domesticated acts. Surprisingly different Little heroes”, which went to recently, an opulent entry for the verses dynamically and in Reggae rhythm mixed sounds”. More consistently in the direction of Jamaica, the quintet looks at the “competition dance”, with a dry chord of the E-guitars and organ, as well as a short Melodica Solo.

the spirit of The times reflected

From time immemorial, Gingrich has reflected in his texts, in addition to its own sensibilities, the spirit of the times. In the process, he felt the urge to spread sometimes optimistic mood of optimism and freedom, sang of but also futile dreams and escape fantasies of Maladjusted. Its pictorial texts are not complex Lectures, rather catchy-held, light-like considerations. Sometimes Gingrich is specifically political, such as his rejection of the constant competition and self-optimization, or in the eleven-year-old, “We”, which deals with the ignorance in the face of climate change knowledge. In the bread factory, Gingrich dedicates this Song to the Swedish student, Greta Thunberg and also gets a lot of applause.