The command to the controversial withdrawal of American troops from Syria is signed. “The decree to Syria was signed,” a Pentagon spokesman said on Sunday the AFP news Agency, without mentioning further Details. President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday, surprisingly, the full withdrawal of American army from Syria, and explains, the jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS) had been defeated.

“Our troops are coming home!” tweeted Trump. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had assured him, wrote Trump, that he is “everything, what IS left of it, will wipe out… and he is a man who can do this, in addition, Turkey is directly “next door””.

The announcement met with only in the case of allies of the Americans in the fight against IS a lack of understanding, but also in the United States is highly controversial. Just a day after trump’s announcement by Minister of defense of Jim Mattis announced his resignation. He should be on 1. January will be replaced by his former Deputy, Patrick Shanahan temporarily, such as Trump announced on Sunday.

citing sources in the Pentagon, the transmitter CNN reported on Sunday evening, the command for the withdrawal of troops from Syria, had now been officially signed. The document of the difference what I signed up for the end of the Minister Mattis personally, it said, citing the unnamed sources. Details of the deduction of over 2000 soldiers, such as a timetable, were not called.

resignations due to Syria-trigger

Meanwhile, wants to replace Trump defense Minister Matti’s earlier than previously planned. Trump announced on Sunday on Twitter, former Vice-Minister of defense, Patrick Shanahan, will from 1. January, the leadership of the departments. Mattis had actually only want to assign the end of February, in order to regulate the Transition sorted. He had announced his withdrawal shortly after trump’s controversial decision for the withdrawal of troops from Syria. As a Protest against the Syria resolution, the American special envoy for the Anti-IS coalition, Brett McGurk, to his untimely resignation said.

Trump announced last week, all 2,000 of the American soldiers from Syria to deduct– with the justification that ISIS is defeated. The decision met with national and international large lack of understanding. On Sunday, France’s head of state, Emmanuel Macron criticized the move and warned: “An ally is guilty, to be reliable.”