Withdrawal from Syria: caught off guard Completely from the Trumps alone


Against Donald trump’s decision to withdraw all American troops from Syria, upset the first intra-party resistance. “Completely by surprise” feel, said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Wednesday. “With all due respect, the is is not defeated, not in Syria and not in Iraq and certainly not Afghanistan, where I come from,” wrote Graham on Twitter. “The Islamic state were treated to some serious blows, but he is not defeated. If there actually is a decision, our troops out of Syria to be deducted, then the probability of the return of the IS is set to rise dramatically,” said Graham, according to the “Washington Post”.

more than 2000 American soldiers in Syria so far, Kurdish forces and rebels in the fight against the terrorists of the “Islamic state”. The American President had announced on Twitter suddenly “victory” over the Islamists. From the White house, it was, you have begun with the withdrawal of American troops and prepare for a not explained in more detail “next stage” of combat.

Bob Corker, Senator from Tennessee, told journalists that several Republican senators had complained to Vice-President Mike Pence about trump’s Surprise action. “I had the impression that there was a coordination between the ministries,” he said, according to CNN about the decision. “I’m not even sure whether the Minister knew it.” Corker added that Trump may have acted spontaneously “Wake up” without consulting anybody.

The news channel CNBC reported that the Pentagon had in fact not been informed in advance about the decision. The foreign Ministry said a planned press conference. And Corker, who heads the Senate foreign policy Committee, was duped by the President: He wanted to meet with Trump on the topic of Syria, the appointment was agreed on in advance. Trump said at the last Minute, as Corker was already sitting in the White house and waiting for him, said the irritated Republican journalists.

Ben Sasse, a Republican Senator from Nebraska, criticized Trump: “eight days Ago, the government called a hypothetical retreat, even recklessly, today we are pulling out. The Generals of the President have no idea how this weak decision comes from. They believe that the triumphant are the winners of the present day Iran, ISIS, and Hezbollah. The loser is Israel, civilian casualties and the work of the American intelligence services.“ Many allies of the Americans would be slaughtered “slaughtered” when Trump was doing seriously, so Sasse in a written statement.