Astrid Stockman should be a second episode of survival, and she is the strongest player of this season is ” The smartest man in the world to date. May be a newcomer, Bart Raes something to counter that? We are pleased to welcome a only a duo of the jury: James Cooke, has to be his best friend, Gert Verhulst brought to them. All of that friendship was almost in pieces, through an intimate and revealing in a …, “The smartest man in the world”.

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Gert Verhulst don’t go to events, such as “I enjoy the hell up.”

Erik Van Looy: . “But, in your parks, you have to also pull up a chair?”

Gert Verhulst: . “here you go, I personally don’t want to go. I’m still not all the rides!”

James Cooke: “is An amusement park, it is Q3, is not, is it?”


Gert Verhulst: . “I am happy with the simple things in life. A spiegeleitje, for example.

Erik Van Looy: You do not have expensive things.

James Cooke: . “oh, Yes, sometimes are you buying the big jars of caviar!”

The most beautiful moment.

The candidates will get a chance to see a pair of legs, which are light-hearted tap dance. “We’re looking at the sexy legs of a well-known Flemish people, who are trying to tap to our site. Whose legs?” To prove it, which by Gert Verhulst, that is in the process of training for, < / I> The battle , and the program in which he Score all kinds of challenges. Although Verhulst, do something to straighten up: “this is known as the Irish dance music , is it?” You will have to know.

and The winner of Wednesday night.

Astrid Stockman crown himself as the best candidate so far. Recognized with John F. Kennedy at the Brandenburg gate in 1963, during his ” Ich bin ein Berliner’speech.

as an Actor, Flor Decleir, was involved in the Geub.


the Astrid Stockman (7 episodes).

the Modern Vanwezemael (6 episodes).

Philippe Geubels: (5 episodes).

Sebastien Dewaele (4 episodes)

Natalia (3 episodes)
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