Announcement: New Open-World Sorcerous Soulslike Game Coming to Steam Early Access

Tasto Alpha has revealed a new game titled “Witch of Oblivion,” an open-world sorcerous soulslike game that is set to launch on Steam Early Access in the spring of 2025. The announcement trailer, description, and screenshots can be viewed on Tasto Alpha and IGN.

In “Witch of Oblivion,” players will embark on a magical adventure in an ever-changing open world. The game follows the story of Cinder Witch Lyva, who awakens from a long slumber with no memory of her purpose. Players must help Lyva uncover her past by exploring a vibrant and dynamic forest filled with mysteries.

As players navigate through the enchanted woodlands, they will encounter a variety of creatures, both friendly and hostile. From docile critters with magical secrets to aggressive fauna like flying snakes and sprouting spiders, players must be prepared for anything. Additionally, players can interact with sage-like animals and humanoid Wildfolk who offer side quests in exchange for worship and gifts.

Lyva possesses ancient Fire Magicks that can be used for offense, defense, and traversal. Players can customize Lyva’s abilities and equip passive skills and talismans to enhance her powers. However, players must also manage Lyva’s energy levels to prevent her from falling asleep and restarting at the last visited checkpoint.

The game introduces a unique mechanic where players must balance the use of the Forbidden Flame, a powerful ability that can have devastating consequences if used indiscriminately. Players can compete with other witches worldwide on online leaderboards while mastering their destructive capabilities.

“Witch of Oblivion” combines the challenging gameplay of a soulslike game with strategic elements that require precision and decision-making. Director Tom Ikeda emphasizes the importance of player choice and customization in shaping the gameplay experience.

Prepare to dive into the magical world of “Witch of Oblivion” when it arrives on Steam Early Access in the spring of 2025. For more updates on the game, visit the official Steam page and follow @WitchofOblivion on Twitter.