After the 50-Kilometer-long traffic jam on the motorway 9 in the case of Hermsdorf in Thuringia, on Wednesday, the police determined against 60 truck drivers. The driver had not complied with either the emergency lane or be driven on the left-hand lane as the motorway police announced on Saturday morning. A civil servant had made of all the vices of evidence photos, these are now being evaluated.

The offending driver must pay a penalty of more than 100 Euro and get any points in Flensburg. According to the highway police, the driver be punished but only for a Misdemeanor. First, the “Ostthüringer newspaper reported”.

To the traffic on the A9, it came on Wednesday, as dozens of trucks were to fall on a slope to Slide, and then cross had stood. According to police information, the traffic was building up on the A9 temporarily from the Bavarian-Thuringian state border in the direction of Berlin to the South of Hermsdorf.