According to one of the snowiest weekends of the past few years the Winter-jealous of the people in the southern part of Bavaria and in Austria on Tuesday expected to pause for breath. But the will be short. This is expected, among other things, in Saxony, from Tuesday’s heavy snowfall. For parts of the North sea coast, the Federal Maritime and hydrographic Agency warns of a storm surge, caused by storm “Benjamin”. The major hub of Amsterdam Schiphol and the Dutch airline KLM, indent as a precautionary measure, about 160 flights. The Deutsche Bahn did not, first effects of the Storm on the rail. Travellers should inform themselves in advance.

the Latest intensify in the night of Wednesday the snowfall in the South of Bavaria, said a meteorologist of the German weather service. The DWD spoke on Monday evening of a weather situation “with a high severe weather potential.” Students can look forward to on the other hand: in Many places in the South of Bavaria for the entire week of school is free.

fear of avalanches is growing

Also on Monday, the Snow had caused in the regional trains in Bavaria, numerous delays and failures. In the long-distance transport, however, there were no problems, nor at the Munich airport. The clean-up work to better coordinate, called the Landratsamt Miesbach the case of a disaster. The avalanche danger in the allgäu, Ammergau and the Werdenfelser Alps, fell from the second highest level of 4 to 3.

In the Netherlands could rinse the expected North-Western storm on Tuesday for another cargo from the containers of the cargo ship “MSC Zoe” to the country. Especially the beaches of the Wadden sea Islands of Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog have to adjust to Another flotsam, warned the authorities in the province of Friesland.