Winter sales 2023: why these 3 customers are boycotting them


The 2023 winter sales will begin in France on January 11 and will last until February 7. Last year, an Eulerian survey released on January 19, 2021 assured that 70% of French people intended to take advantage of the winter sales. In the midst of the Covid crisis and with an increasing budget, the French were there but continued to favor for half of them purchases on the internet as a health precaution. Not sure if this will still be the case in 2023 with galloping inflation and just after the holiday season. Planet interviewed three young fashion-loving women who say they no longer see the point of these winter markdowns.

Eleanor, 30 years old.

Éléonore, a 30-year-old nurse in the Paris region, does not plan to do the winter sales this year. “For my part, I will not do the winter sales because the holidays will have ruined me,” she explains to Planet. “I also had an awareness of my overconsumption of clothes so I try to reduce my purchases and I believe that I have enough clothes to survive the winter. If there is really a piece that interests me and which happens to be on sale, I will allow myself a little crack, but that’s all”, confides the young thirty-year-old.

Laura, 26, hairdresser in Aix-en-Provence, has also decided to pass her turn this year. “I don’t do the winter sales since Black Friday already allows me to do good business beforehand and not have to wait for the winter sales”, assures the young woman. She believes that “Black Friday offers much more interesting markdowns” and she “doesn’t like doing the winter sales” because she “doesn’t find the reductions to be so interesting”. “Anyway, I don’t like window shopping and shopping in crowded stores and mostly buy cheap online all year round,” concludes Laura.

Emma, ​​28 years old.

Emma, ​​a 28-year-old salesperson in Paris, has also chosen to skip the winter sales this year. “I always surprise my friends when they see my lack of enthusiasm for the idea of ​​going to the winter sales. Ever since I was little, I have taken real pleasure in getting dressed in the morning: I like to vary the look, buy new pieces, take inspiration from the looks of my friends or seen in magazines… However, it’s a fact, I always have better things to do than go to the sales in January! that a month after the Christmas holidays, my wallet is not always delivered (laughs)”, jokes the young woman.

Beyond her finances at half mast at the time of the winter sales in January, she estimates that her purchases for her winter wardrobe are already completed in January. “I have a family who always ask me what would make me happy for Christmas. So every year, I take the opportunity to get gifts of clothes and accessories that make me dream and that I don’t necessarily have the means to buy me. I must say that I’m also lucky to have a sister who knows my tastes perfectly! Result: in January, I really don’t need anything! After Christmas, I’m satisfied until the Christmas sales. summer…”, details the young woman.

“It is true that I have more needs and desires for shopping when the summer season begins. New swimsuits, new hats… The holiday season makes you want to crack for some new items. At the end of January, we are already halfway through winter… So in principle, I’m already ready for the cold,” concludes Emma.