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e-Mail sent by William Poyán, President of the Madrid, all the Presidents, for the postponement this morning by the Assembly “with some excuses puerile have bad the email of the assemblies, when it’s already been four years that they have been appointed, and if an assembly is called, as they did in your day, do it well and not, for this reason generate 14 more days of postponement of the elections”.

“I’m concerned about the postponement of the Assembly of the Spanish Federation, to the 10 of August. 90 percent of the components of the Assembly are on holiday. Always August has not been a school for the purposes administrative.

What you’re looking for with this excuse? Worrying, though not unknown what was said by the President of the Seafront of Santander to the press on the debt of the Spanish with the entity

Begin to surface many loose ends, I’m not normally a belligerent, on the contrary attempt to talk, but we took too long with the dark ages for flag.

I think that with this situation and with the date that it is proposed we should have an Assembly face-to-face and clarify all these issues.

I put the installations of Madrid to service the Spanish, virtually every constituency with the exception of the athletes is paid for their travel.

Issues like that are intended to elucidate via telematica seems to me as gently a lack of respect for all and a way obscene, to postpone the implementation of the relevant elections which desire the best win for the candle.”