the uk is a Saturday, surprisingly qualified for the final of the world cup of rugby in France. Surprisingly, in the semi-finals were two-time defending champion New Zealand, beaten by 19-7. All of the ‘haka’ was in the wrong for the All Blacks, so there is an end to the years of the hegemony. Nevertheless, it should be England as a punishment of fear in the way of the New Zealanders from the answers were used in their traditional dances.

as The Haka is a ceremonial dance from the Maori of New Zealand, in which the gods (ancestors) would be called. In the game, it is a tradition that the All blacks before each match with their Haka to perform. That gives them most of the time, immediately have a mental advantage, because in this dance, the opponent will often be impressed.

on Saturday, against England, was, however, wrong with the Haka. The British had, after all, is an answer to harassment is to turn around and have the players set themselves during the dance, in a V-shape, with a few English people, even to the half of the New Zealanders came. A little idea of coach Eddie Jones, so it turned out to be.

the Captain, Owen Farrell was the point of the V, and then looked up with a confident grin on his face, in the eyes of the opposition, some New Zealanders claim that he knipoogde to them.

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however, It seems that the action is in a pony-tail, it will get to the uk. France was in 2011, a fine of 2,500 pounds (about 2.800 euros) and then, in the course of their world cup final, when the haka of New Zealand and the poor to get together, and so, in part, to the front offices, due to “the violation of a cultural ritual protocol’. In contrast to the English, and brought the French people are not lucky: they lost it when the final 7 and 8 from New Zealand.

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Given the example, it is expected that the united kingdom will continue to be punished in this world cup. A fine will however, be smiling happily take it because they did it in the finals.

the final takes on England on Saturday against australia. The Springboks took in their semi-final with a 19-16 Wales. In south Africa, two-time world champion, in 1995 and 2007. In 2007, the win for the Springboks in the final with a 15-6 from the uk.