“don’t mess with a Swan,” says Lisa Stallzus quietly and urgently into her Headset Mike. The caller gets the phone number of helpers who know how a Swan must be treated with a broken foot. Maybe he comes in a collecting station in the Region, the animal helpers are well-connected; but it could also be that the animal comes to Stallzus to the upper field to the East of Darmstadt. Since the age of 14, she takes care of injured and sick wild animals, mostly birds. On a voluntary basis. In the past few years, it became more and more, this year, the “600-brand has been cracked,” says Stallzus. A reason for joy.

The heat die for a long drought, and Insects – for magpies, jays, crows and many other birds, it went in the summer to Survive. Weak, injured, and sick animals were nursed by Stallzus. Currently, a stork, about 30 pigeons, two magpies and six crows in the aviary in the garden and on the Lawn behind the house in custody. For a while, an old Swan. For him, she put on extra a Swan pond.

“the highest Good is the freedom”

Stallzus does not bind himself to the animals, you are not allowed to sit on it; to people you don’t want to get used to: “The highest Good is the freedom. You have a right to their freedom,“ says the fifty-four-year-olds took care of as a child to see injured animals. What started out private, was the first time. The Darmstadt shelter, took her “under their wing”, as Stallzus says, which makes the animal and nature conservation project “The spring” is financed now by donations. An aviary for the wooden hut could be bought.

Currently, she has accommodated the very young and injured birds in a number of animal boxes in the hut, can’t due to their Constitution, nor to that of the other in the aviary in the Free. Two small, according to piepsenden city pigeons, they are all three hours with a syringe feed. To do

it is always something. When is high season, in mid-July to mid-August, it may not be that Stallzus out the whole day, from the suit: calls, from eight to 20 hours. While Stallzus leads about your Headset the conversations and coordinated, it supplies the animals, feed preparing, feeding, medical care, cages and boxes clean.

A sad conclusion

Many of the young birds were undernourished; this year it was particularly bad and often they were on the point of Starvation. Especially the insect-eaters have made evil, says Stallzus. “We drive nature to the wall,” is their sad conclusion.