(Montreal) Bell is partnering with Air Canada to offer free messaging to all Aeroplan members worldwide on planes equipped with wi-fi service, the two companies announced Wednesday.

The telecommunications giant will sponsor in-flight Wi-Fi services across the airline’s entire fleet, including Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express aircraft, starting May 15.

The partnership will allow passengers to send and receive messages on applications such as iMessage from Apple, WhatsApp and Messenger from Meta, Viber from Rakuten and Messages by Google, which work via wi-fi, allowing travelers with n any compatible device to connect, regardless of their mobile provider.

The service will also be available to frequent flyer members of strategic airline partners, including those of United Airlines’ MileagePlus, Miles

On select flights, Bell will also offer free mobile SIM cards to international travelers arriving in Canada, allowing them to be connected as soon as they step off the plane.

The companies added that the agreement provides additional benefits for Aeroplan customers. This includes offering new promotional rewards and expanding Air Canada’s live TV service on flights to the United States later in the summer.

“We are truly proud to join with an iconic brand to deliver real benefits to customers across the country,” said Executive Vice President of Marketing and Digital Solutions and President of Aeroplan at Air Canada, Mark Nasr, in a press release.

“This multi-faceted partnership with Bell will allow Air Canada customers to stay in touch with friends, family or colleagues, no matter where they travel. »