resim 307
resim 307

No respite for car thieves! In France, some 122,700 vehicles were stolen in 2021 alone, recalls the Minister of the Interior. An impressive figure which is however steadily decreasing: in 1998, there were nearly 400,000 stolen cars in the territory. What to think that, with advancing technology, the cabin of such a device is more secure? Maybe.

It is clear, however, that the thugs adapt to each advance. From now on, electronic theft is the most common. It covers different operating modes, including mouse-jacking or the use of an OBD socket connected to a diagnostic case, indicates the portal.

Some tricks, fortunately, can protect against such events. One of them, particularly accessible, consists of placing your keys in the refrigerator or in the freezer. It is less a question of hiding them (or surprising the thief) than of blocking the transmission of the waves necessary to unlock the vehicle, indicates the magazine Santé Plus on its site. Explanations.

Let us remember first, continues the site specializing in health, that the refrigerator is not the only alternative. You can also opt for the freezer, the microwave or even a simple aluminum foil wrapper. All have the same effect: they prevent crooks from intercepting the waves emitted by the chip in the device, the signal of which is used precisely to unlock the doors of the vehicle. No way to hack it when it is surrounded by huge doors lined with metal. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, however, it is better to check with the manufacturer that the keys will withstand low temperatures.

Of course, it is also possible to purchase an anti-RFID pocket, which will also protect you from such attempts.