Many municipalities today face water restrictions. The heat wave hitting the country promises to last, at least a few more days, and temperatures should hold until the storms announced this Sunday, August 14, 2022. Suffice to say that the vegetable garden may have had time to suffer, if it has not been possible to water it since the start of the heat wave… and the same goes, of course, for the garden.

That being said, informs TF1 on its site, there are a series of tips that allow you to conserve water to be able to water your plants without ever derogating from the rules of water restrictions that the municipality has been able to put in place. Some, it is clear, are much easier to set up than others. Some could thus consider recovering rainwater, which implies setting up a recuperator. Such an investment can be expensive.

French women and men know it: they are now encouraged to take a shower rather than a bath. It is a good solution to reduce your water consumption. But it is also possible, while waiting for the balloon to heat the water in the latter, to place a bucket or a watering can in the tank.

“We wait for the water to heat up a little. We have to wait a few seconds and then we test with our finger and when it’s hot, we can use it. In general, between four and six liters are saved”; explains one of the speakers requested by our colleagues. Enough to take better care of our plant friends… which could also help you bring down the temperature!