Facts on letter of choice – Why Twitter Trump-tweets warntDer short message service has for the first time, a statement of the US President. The latter provides for the freedom of speech in danger.Thorsten Denkler, New York0 comments”May be misleading information”: Donald Trump tweeted, absentee ballot fraud, an invitation to the election. Photo: Josh Hander (NYT/Redux/Laif)

Donald trump’s response was long in coming. The short message service Twitter was the one to get involved now in the U.S. election in 2020, he writes on Tuesday evening in two Tweets. His damning verdict: Twitter “the free speech suppressed entirely”. And he will not allow it as President of the. The man who feeds on a daily basis its 80 million Followers with falsehoods and misinterpretations says. By the end of January, the facts checker of “the Washington Post counted” over 16’000 false or misleading statements by President Trump.

Twitter had allowed himself a few hours earlier, a new rule for the first time on two previous Trump-Tweets apply. In two Tweets, Trump claimed, without any evidence, a postal vote is nothing more than an invitation to electoral fraud. Under both Tweets emblazoned now in a blue font, the sentence: “get the facts about Letter ballot”. Prior to that, an exclamation mark in a circle.

“Trump claimed, not assigned, that Letter ballots will lead to electoral fraud.”

Twitter, the US President,

if you click the warning, it will be directed to a Twitter put together Website. The Headline is unequivocal: “Trump claimed, not assigned, that the Letter ballot will result in fraud to the election”. On the side are then presented, apparently all on Twitter available evidence, which show that electoral fraud in the USA is a rather negligible phenomenon was. And that with postal voting there are no major problems. Accordingly, it can feel Trump so not more than in his rights violated, to be able, undisturbed, bare nonsense to spread.

so Far Twitter Trump and other democratically elected state with a dubious relation to truth and freedom given to has arms. All in the interest of the Public, it was said to be always on the side of Twitter. Trump’s Tweets were able to be so degrading, or abusive, Twitter has let him grant.

a widower, calls in vain for deletion of Trump’s Tweets

On Tuesday, only Twitter has refused, for example, fabulously tasteless Trump to delete Tweets. The President suspected the well-known host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, to have a former employee murdered. Of course, without any evidence.

The widower of the verstobenen wife had asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to continue to take the hard-to-tolerable Tweets from the network (“USA Today” reported). Trump had not taken anything, “which belongs to him – the memory of my dead wife,” he writes. Trump attempts to pervert the death of his wife in a “political advantage”.

Twitter responded with a Statement. Do it the company, very sorry, if these “statements, and the attention that you draw to yourself, the family pain”. More but also not. The Tweets continue to be available. Anything else would have been a big Surprise. Deleted Twitter and so far, only a contribution, the Trump has retweeted.

Why does Twitter now?

The warnings under trump’s letter-election-Tweets are not, therefore, unusual, because Trump’s a fraud, Yes, for the first Time, absentee voting, and election virtually the same. Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosborough stated that the Tweets “may contain misleading information about voting processes” and had been characterized, “in order to provide additional context to absentee ballots”. But why Twitter is responding only now, she says.

One explanation could be that Twitter has tightened in March already, the rules of conduct. This happened under the impression of the many false statements about the Coronavirus. 11. May has explained the company in a Blog post, to the range of topics for warnings expand. Without specifying, however, what exactly could be meant by that. Well possible that the warnings under trump’s Tweets are an expression of these new rules.

Trump will combat for the letter of choice

The postal vote issue could be crucial for trump’s chances of Election. Because of the Corona-crisis, many ask, how in November a country-wide election can be held without the voters, especially the many volunteers, Election workers should be exposed to risk of infection. Postal voting seems the best way.

However, and the Trumps is a Problem: the postal voters tend to be Democrats. In an Interview with the presenters of his favorite show “Fox and Friends” on Fox News, he said at the end of March, when the electorate with a postal vote easier to be made, the vote, then selected “never again a Republican in this country”.

Whether and how the absentee ballot is to be used, is not in Donald trump’s Hand. Each Federal state decides for himself. But the President will continue to make untrue allegations of political pressure in order to prevent the letter choice as well as it goes. Not Twitter, should him-warnings prevent.

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