on Saturday, after the match Standard – KRC Genk claimed Felice Mazzu is 100% sure that the ball crossed the line, in the action leading up to the edge of the box from Bastien. The coach of a first division soccer team KRC Genk and also got a shot of the stage on his cell phone to his argument, the strength to continue. Geert De Vlieger came in to the studio and Play Sports with evidence to the contrary, and it showed why Mazzu, it might not be the right end (see video above). “There is no camera on the touch-line, and therefore the value at risk in the absence of clear evidence, no action”, and defended the Referee’s Department is also the decision of the ref, Laforge.

SEE ALSO. is Rarely seen angry, Felice Mazzu is showing it live on tv, which VAR according to him, it was a mistake.

as Well as the Professional Referee Department is defending the decision of the tournament committee. Not that they are necessarily correct, but because it is difficult to verify, or to the doctrine, however, was gone. “The roman did not have pictures that can prove that the ball crossed the touch line completely in that box. This is a camera that is on the line. When the ball is in the afbakeningslijn have hit it, it belongs to the field of play, and must continue to be played”, says in a press release. “If the VAR is not a clear proof (the picture) can be delivered to the referee that the ball crossed the touch-line has been transferred, then the value at risk non-intervention (factuele decision-making).”

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find out More about KRC Genk, the Slovenian referee, for Racing Genk in Liverpool in the uefa Champions League in Sclessin was in an uproar after the transgression, Sebastien Dewaest yellow for a Genk defender, and red for Eric Deflandre Wonderful blast from the Samuel Bastien, settled, top, Standard, beating Genk with smallest difference are Rarely seen great Felice Mazzu is showing it live on tv, which VAR according to him, it was a mistake