Reader questions – Why damage Trump his lies?The answer to a reader’s question about the communication.Peter Schneider2 Kommentare2Immerhin he says bluntly his opinion: like the followers of Donald trump.Photo: Keystone

Donald Trump has been chosen I was shocked, cherishing the hope that he will be disqualified soon once as the President of the United States. He does actually also constantly, by spreading untruths and then again contradicts himself praises. He reviled and insulted journalists, women, and immigrants, and yet a large part of the population, according to polls, still behind him and not only people with little education. In an Inter v iew with the students of a prestigious University, these have apologized to your President that Yes all politicians lie, and it was quite good, if a change bluntly his opinion say. How can you explain that? S. H.

dear wife. h.

for A long time now, and I have the press releases, amused, followed, according to any of the revelations of the mill prayer was good, now it will “closely for Donald Trump”. Obviously it wasn’t; but only after the Impeachment proceedings against him had failed, were such messages are rare. Maybe Trump is deselected Yes the end of this year. But certainly not because something is promoted over him to the fore, which itself must revolt his followers. But only because the majority of relationships between his followers and his opponents to move a little more to his disadvantage.

The media as the “fourth estate” are in the Era, if you have not understood how Fox News already always as an instrument of propaganda, all of a sudden in the role of loser spotter help get. Critical and investigative journalism goes behind the Scenes of the policy that covers grievances, shows hidden relationships and reveals what should be hidden. It stipulates, in any case, the Textbook of democracy. But what if all the scandals, lying more or less open or no Research longer provides a Surprise, but the expectation fulfilled? Trump is lying, the Fifa is corrupt, the Mafia is criminal, Christina of the Three has a crack in the 5G-antenna-bowl, and the Pope is Catholic. Really now? Yes, for real. And now?

Who has kept politics always a dirty business, is not pleased that Trump pretends to be, at least, but says what he thinks and does what he says, even if he always says something else and thinks and does, as he says, thinks or does. We don’t want to lose in Details; moreover, the whole theatre has a non-negligible entertainment value. His opponents, with their revelations and arguments work against Trumps comprehensive Nonchalance as hysterical smart ass. Sovereign is no more, who’s afraid of their own disgrace.

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