“what do you Think, in fact, that you get enough compensation for what you are doing?” That is the question, James Cooke, of the Green-deputy President of the Council (32). The green members of parliament to hold roughly only a third of their wages on. By the father, but by his own party as well.

in Between the sheets, ” says a man wanted something more. James Cook Girl: late night managed to get it all to the politicians to keep their cards close to their mouth to show for it. On Wednesday it was the turn of Green party leader President of the Council. The question is, how much he deserves it, ” the Malinois of 3,600 euros.

the Instance? A member of parliament and a party leader does not have a lot of rianter pay? Especially when you know that the Mp is a thick, 7.000 euros gross-and in addition to the lump-sum reimbursement of costs of 2.130 euros. For about 9.400 euro.

‘George, late last night an interview with James Cooke, (l) guests are in the room. Photo: the four

And yet the green mps have only a third of the over, it is apparent from these calculations. One half of the wages is creamed off by the tax, and once a quarter they have to give it to the party. Green is that, after the LABOUR party, the party of its members of parliament, the largest of the payment request. Results: of the more than 7,000 euros, gross, but so is 1,800 euros more. And what’s even better, which is € 2,000 expense allowance in the.

According to the family situation – living alone, dependent children, … – to earn green one of the members of which are between 3,600 and 4,000 euros. As President of the Council, no dependent children, you have to pay more in taxes. And also to have additional income, as a leader, he has not. Also, the revenue will go to the party.

now, However, is the President of the Council, “content”, he said to James Cooke. “For my age, I have all of my living is earned,” said the 32-year-old Calvo.

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