Why apples should be kept tail down


As summer approaches, your fruit basket is filled with summer scents and colors. Only here: with the heat, the fruits tend to rot more quickly, which attracts insects, including gnats. Fortunately, you can slow down the ripening process of your fruit by placing a cork in your basket… And storing your produce properly.

According to Femme Actuelle, it is advisable to space the fruits from each other as much as possible and, if possible, keep them in a ventilated basket or under a fruit bell. You also have to be careful to arrange them in the right direction: the magazine recommends placing the apples stem down, and the pears upside down…

In addition, it is preferable to separate certain fruits and vegetables from each other: “they produce a gas which oxidizes other fruits and vegetables prematurely”, explains Femme Actuelle. In a previous article, we listed the fruits to keep alone so as not to rot the whole basket.

Like apples, other fruits should be stored at room temperature. Here they are :