Surprise Cameo in Season 3!

Sweet Tooth, the popular series based on Jeff Lemire’s comic books, is introducing a new character in season 3. This post-apocalyptic world follows a young hybrid deer boy named Gus on his journey of self-discovery.

Throughout the series, Gus interacts with various characters, including Big Man and Dr. Singh, while a mysterious narrator guides the story. As the season comes to an end, the identity of the narrator, voiced by actor James Brolin, is finally revealed.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, showrunner Jim Mickle and executive producers Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell discuss the surprise narrator reveal and the process behind it.

Warning: major spoilers ahead for Sweet Tooth season 3.

Who voices the narrator on Sweet Tooth?

Actor James Brolin has been the narrator for the first three seasons of Sweet Tooth. Brolin shares that it was executive producer Robert Downey Jr. who specifically requested him for the role.

It is revealed in one of the final scenes that the narrator is actually adult Gus all along. The connection to the comic book storyline was always planned, with actor Christian Convery’s emotional portrayal of Gus reciting the narration from the first episode.

In the finale, Brolin makes a surprise cameo as adult Gus, showcasing his antlers and flannel attire. The producers credit Robert Downey Jr. for envisioning Brolin in this role early on and highlight the significance of having him on screen in season 3.

Despite not sharing scenes with Convery, Brolin mentions their immediate connection off-screen and praises the elaborate set design of the show. The bond between the two actors added to the authenticity of their on-screen relationship.