Sheila’s son, Ludovic Chancel died at the age of 42 on the night of Friday to Saturday July 8, 2017, from an overdose of medication. At the funeral organized by his mother, Sylvie Ortega Munos, his companion was present.

From the top of her 1m77, the young woman is a model from Valencia. She has paraded during the last fashion weeks.

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More recently, Sheila’s former daughter-in-law gave some concerning news about her condition. “Sorry for not answering the phone…Can’t say I’m in top form. Urgently hospitalized since last night. Please pray for me to save my only and only kidney I have left. The pains are so intense that even morphine does not calm down”, she declared to her fans on Instagram.

This is not the first time she has faced health concerns. A few years ago, she revealed that she suffered from anorexia during her youth. “Yes, I was a major anorexic for years… A real pain every second… Years of therapy and hospitalizations, and no, I still don’t know the reason. I was fed via probes… I was close to death several times… I weighed up to 28 kg and despite my 178 cm and my 28 kg, I had a peach of hell. not to eat anything for more than 30 days…”, she declared, as reported by Closer.

With Ludovic Chancel, they were very close. As a couple since 2010, they would have got engaged in 2013, but would never have passed the milestone of marriage according to information collected by the site Purepeople. While they were together, the model reportedly helped him overcome depression and drug addiction.

The couple were inseparable! The two lovebirds go to many big events together. They had been seen at the presentation of the Petit Bateau X Marie-Agnès Gillot collection, at the Tuileries funfair, but also at the opening night of the exhibition by photographer Olivier Palade. And they did not hesitate to take sometimes naughty poses – to the delight of photographers.

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After his death, Sylvie Ortega Munos paid him a very touching tribute on Facebook. “He is my light, I am his sun. No words will ever be able to describe our immense love. I am his life, he is mine, forever to infinity you and I entwined. My little Kitty, you left to see if Heaven exists. You were mine on earth. Every second together was a fairy tale. I am inconsolable. My pain is immense. I kissed you until your last breath. I love you my little baby d love, to infinity, always and forever,” she wrote on the social network.