Who is Suzanne Lindon, daughter of Vincent Lindon and Sandrine Kiberlain?


Suzanne Lindon carries on her shoulders the weight of the heritage bequeathed by her two parents, both key figures of French cinema. Daughter of Vincent Lindon and Sandrine Kiberlain, the 22-year-old, who has long stayed away from the star system, took her first steps on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet during the screening of the Forever Young movie.

In 2021, the young woman had made her first film entitled Sixteen Spring. Screenwriter and actress, Suzanne Lindon signs a transgressive love story between a young 16-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man. A scenario that she has been refining since she was 15 in the pages of her notebook, reveal our colleagues from Liberation who granted her a long portrait on the occasion of the theatrical release of Sixteen Spring.

If this first film, which was part of the selection of the Cannes Film Festival 2020, approaches a love story with “modesty” and “romanticism”, to use the adjectives used by the young director in an interview granted to Allociné, Suzanne Lindon showed less modesty during his appearance on the Quotidien show.

On June 9, 2021, in the middle of a promotional tour for her film, the daughter of Sandrine Kiberlain had been invited, by Yann Barthès, to reveal her playlist. In the category “Night of love”, she had cited the song Purple Rain by Prince. As luck would have it, Vincent Lindon’s ex-girlfriend gave the exact same answer to the host who hastened to rebroadcast the sequence of Suzanne Lindon facing her mother. Embarrassed, Sandrine Kiberlain then dropped a: “Isn’t it true?”, giving way to a moment of discomfort on the set of the TMC show. “I’m very embarrassed, I can’t look you in the eye anymore,” Yann Barthès then admitted before the famous actress seen in Mon Bébé came to close this sequence with her words: “She’s a child of love” .

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