The minimum old age allows the most modest precarious pensioners to have a decent standard of living, regardless of how much they have contributed during their life. The amount of this device, now called Solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa), varies according to the resources of the beneficiaries. Here is who can receive this allowance:

Note: people who have never worked can also receive the Solidarity allowance for the elderly.

However, it is necessary to have French nationality or a residence permit for at least 10 years, to reside in France, to have requested the liquidation of the old-age benefits to which they are entitled, and to justify a ceiling of resources (10,881.75 euros per year for a single person, and 16,893.94 euros per year for a couple).

According to Le Journal du Net, “the maximum amount of Aspa for a single person is 11,001.44 euros per year, or 916.78 euros per month”. For a couple, this amount is 17,079.77 euros per year, or 1,423.31 euros per month. Minimum contribution, supplementary pension or survivor’s pension: do not hesitate to contact your pension funds to find out what exactly you are entitled to.