Summer has officially started a few days ago. If the summer heat did not wait until June 21 to return to the territory, neither did the pests. Too often, the French use chemicals to get rid of these little beasts that invite themselves into their homes day and night or attack their garden. However, they are toxic and dangerous for both your health and the environment. It is therefore preferable to use natural alternatives.

The best way to repel these pests is to disperse odors that scare them away. To do this, there are several plants that these little insects do not support. Here are some examples :

To overcome these pests, it is sometimes more effective to let nature take its course. Some species feed on these insects:

To no longer be bothered by these little beasts, it is also possible to use an all-purpose product: white vinegar. In the slideshow below, find the different insects that you can scare away with white vinegar.

This non-toxic and 100% biodegradable natural product has many advantages. Here is the list:

On the other hand, vinegar is an acidic product and can be dangerous for your health. You will therefore need to take a few precautions before using it:

By following these instructions you should be able to clean your house, drive away pests and protect your garden without any risk.